Lewis Townsend will prepare all the documentation that is necessary for your company to run smoothly.  We will  advise you on your annual regulatory requirements and your director/shareholder documentation.  We will also draft or review your contracts with suppliers, customers and lenders, so that you can concentrate on your business in the knowledge that your legal requirements have been met.

From incorporation to liquidation, Lewis Townsend can provide a full range of services for companies and businesses. Initially, a company may require that its articles of association and shareholders agreement are tailored to meet the requirements of the investors in the company.  Throughout its existence, the company must comply with all regulatory requirements including directors/shareholders resolutions, annual returns and filing requirements for changes implemented since its incorporation.  In its dealings with third parties, the company will want to ensure that its contractual arrangements are adequately documented.  Lewis Townsend can prepare and/or review supplier agreements, customer agreements and loan agreements.  It may be attractive to the company to encourage new investors who may invest through shares, warrants or debentures.  At every step of its existence, the company should ensure that its legal documentation is in order so that its contractual rights and obligations are clearly stated with no misunderstandings.  Lewis Townsend’s Company and Commercial Team can provide this service.

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